Egregious Google Search Advertisements

The other day I heard about Microsoft Flow and wanted to learn more and see how it compared to my beloved Zapier. So, I did what any normal internet-based life form would do and googled it…

In case that screenshot doesn’t make clear, that’s roughly two entire iPhone screens worth of advertisements before I got to a single organic search result.

Look. No one does search better than Google. While I’d happily pay a monthly fee to search advertisement and tracking free, I’m more than willing to suffer relevant ads in exchange for finding what I’m looking for.

But does this level of ad nauseam (hehe, get it?) really do anyone any good besides Google? As a user it’s completely off-putting and erodes my trust in Google’s search “neutrality” even if the ads are (becoming less and less clearly) labeled as such. And as an advertiser? Do I really want to pay for my ad to be crammed right up against five other competitors?