Attention to detail

From Peter N Lewis (author of my beloved Keyboard Maestro):

Upgraded to iOS 13.2 on my iPhone SE – practically the first experience is it asking for Light or Dark Appearance, with the text of “Light” and “Dark” partially cutoff by the “Continue” button at the bottom. It was attention to details like that that attracted me to Apple…

You can’t even tell wether Light or Dark is selected without scrolling.

I get it. My team did a complete UI rewrite (don’t ask) this Summer. And throughout the whole time building out screens I knew in the back of my head that small phones were going to be trouble because design mocked everything up for X class devices.

So I tried to build the UI with that in mind along with a modicum of testing as we sprinted towards our deadline. And, still, we had nearly a week of testing and cleanup dedicated to fixing small screen layout bugs.

But this is Apple.

On a damn onboarding screen that every iOS user has to go through. I just…