Mac App Store Scams

The Mac App Store is rife with shoddy software that should never have passed App Review as well as outright scams. I’m looking forward to calling out the many offenders (got any tips?), but until then, let’s start with this slightly bizarre website.

(I’m not going to link to them because I refuse to send any google juice their way.)

But, basically, it’s just an auto-generated WordPress site with copy/paste instructions for installing basically any Mac app using homebrew. It nonchalantly encourages normal users to pipe a shell script as root directly from the web. What could go wrong?

Clearly this website has no real affiliation with Apple – I’m not blaming them for this scam existing. The web has always had crap like this on it.

But, the fact that it has been online and scamming consumers since 2015 and is still online hints at the neglect they’ve historically shown to the real Mac App Store. Any other company the size of Apple that actually cared would have had it taken down by an army of lawyers years ago.