Arrogant Design: The Twitter Share Sheet

Sure, maybe Twitter did user studies and learned that when someone taps on the standard system share button what the user really wants is a non-standard UI that presents two (IMHO) mostly worthless options:

  1. Send the shared tweet to someone via DM. Do people really send tweets privately to other people so often that this needs to be the most prominent option? Also, how is Twitter determining who to suggest I share the tweet to? The two users listed aren’t involved in the thread I took this screenshot from. Nor are they my most messaged contacts.
  2. Bookmark this tweet? I didn’t even know that was a thing. I thought people favorited tweets (or is Twitter calling “favorites” “likes” this week?) to do that?

Anyway, I’m guessing the vast majority of things people actually want to do when they share a tweet are buried behind a second tap on the “Share Tweet via…” button.

And it’s this sort of presumptuous design that angers me the most. Because that’s exactly what it is – presumptuous if not outright arrogant. It’s some designer (or worse, a growth-hacking-MBA) at Twitter who thinks they know better about what the user wants than the user themselves and then goes and decides to override a standard system behavior all in an effort to increase engagement. Meanwhile, yeah, we still have Nazis in our mentions.